Audio amplifier


Audio power amplifier for your home recording studio

Audio power amplifier for home recording studio must by special! But what should it do?

"Transparence" is the only criteria of the quality, required from audio amplifier for home studio.

Along with the near-field speaker system of your own design, it provides a level of perception objectivity of the sound for a sound (audio) engineer.While mastering, that allows, in many cases, to assemble the musical material accurately, in one step, without multiple "listenings" in other conditions.

Reflections on creating the proper power amplifier for audio

Getting to the creation of a power amplifier, we ask ourselves a simple, obvious question – what should it be - our proper, pure, true audio amplifier?

Oh, it is a difficult task - finding the truth! Even two people not always have the same opinion on the same subject. In addition, the truth is one, as we know. There cannot exist the two truths! However, can the truth be found in Art?