To the question of a very long loading of the Contact. In one directory I placed the Grand Rhapsody HD library folder for Grand Rhapsody from Waves, and the folder with the libraries for Contact. And Contact started "Do not answer" minutes 5 - 8.

And, when I select a folder with a short path (upper) in the "Files" menu of the Contact, it loads quickly, but hangs if I immediately try to select a file inside.

It does not matter with which name (specially renamed), but if the folder with the Waves Grand Rhapsody library is at the same level anywhere in the path to the Contact library files (even in the root of the disk) and at the same time in the "Files" tab the level Below (actually, any file from the library), - The contact "does not respond" minutes 8.

In Kontakte nothing to do is not necessary.

Everything miraculously starts working if you put the Grand Rhapsody library from Waves into another folder. And then it can be placed anywhere. Everything is working.

The idea is that if someone has a very long time running Contact, then it's worth checking if there are a lot of files in the next folder (on the way to the libraries) (and even with the names like waves: a_Ce5IqAq47Tt-BZluvalbNBmqF3ba7eQomSboGZ). Then it's worth trying to put it in another folder and check.

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