Getting to the creation of a power amplifier, we ask ourselves a simple, obvious question – what should it be - our proper, pure, true audio amplifier?

Oh, it is a difficult task - finding the truth! Even two people not always have the same opinion on the same subject. In addition, the truth is one, as we know. There cannot exist the two truths! However, can the truth be found in Art?

Ask the "Great Google" how to construct a good power amplifier - and you will drown in a vast amount of conflicting information. Have you felt this before? You are looking for an answer for the question, and there are dozens of power amplifier circuits, which explain nothing about sound, or sense of the processes, which proceed in it.

For many people, the art of creating circuits for audio amplifiers is shrouded with an aura of mystery and mysticism. This may lead to a long, but useless search of "magical recipes" of creating a good amplifier.

For other people, creating a power amplifier is a pure economics: the amount of distortion, power, and parts cost.

There are two different attitudes to the creation of power amplifiers, both with unpredictable results. The first one is random, "What if this will work?" The second one is based on characteristics, "cool options – that’s what will sound."

Will it sound good? Who knows! Maybe it will. Thousands of power amplifiers which filled the market, were made ​​with calculations, with specific parameters. And usually, the most people are O.K. with it.

However, the most people are deaf and blind. They need just bread and circuses!

But let's talk about Art. What is an Art? What is the difference between Art and craft? What makes us hold our breaths, what makes our hearts stop? Why we have those Goosebumps and the tears flowing, when we face the real masterpiece?

There is an answer! Our souls are speaking! Your soul resonates with the soul of the creator, who created that masterpiece.

As opposed to it, we have a serial thing, which carries no energy of the creator - and our souls are silent. Even knowing, that the thing is made well, beautifully, and with a high quality - we just feel nothing. There is no energy, no Space!

Maybe that is why the copies are not impressive, they "do not sound." However, a sound amplifier, made ​​by Master - sounds! Then, why an amplifier, which was made exactly the same, usually has no sound of that kind? It does not sound like the original! Everything is just the same. The same details, all the same - but the result is not the same. The fact is that there is no soul in it! There is a cold-minded calculation. However, it is also possible to breathe in life in this unit. The Master knows how to do it.

"I take a piece of marble and cut all the superfluous" - Michelangelo, right?

That is the whole secret.

Let us go back to the beginning. What is a power amplifier for audio?

Perhaps, this is just the device to increase the voltage amplitude and the current of electrical signals?

However, for the creator – the musician – it is a tool for creating the sounds of a musical playback. As an example, an ordinary guitar amp, where the main criterion is the desired sound. Normal people do not listen to the music on such devices.

For the music lover, the power amplifier is an interpreter of the sound space. The more accurate and transparent is the power amplifier and its speakers, the more close and clear becomes the plan of the masterpiece Creator to us.

Only a few people in their lives attach some extra importance to the sound. Sound is everywhere, we cannot live without it. But what kind of the sound? Usually it is like a garbage and filth on the streets. Most of us do not even imagine what it is, a clear sound. I am sorry, but people, who listen a dirty sound with a big pleasure, who want it just to be as loud as possible, are associated with dirty bums who have found something in the trash.

The real sound is like a nature itself, transparent and unobtrusive, fascinating and involving. It is like looking at the fire, or at the clean stream. When thoughts just fly away, and there is only unaccountable range of feelings. Nothing can disturb the harmony of involvement - only this world exists now, only the mood that the performer wanted to pass.

Creating a power amplifier for audio, remember the words of Michelangelo. Let us cut the entire superfluous, take away all contrived elements. Let us listen to the feelings, intuition. And our amplifiers will sound!

Sergei Shevgota.

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